May 5


Skyrim is a place of mystery and wonder. It has a lot of customizable races and weapons. There is a lot of magic to,  or  you

There is a lot of great lore in the game.  A good piece of lore is when the dwarfs disappeared in the battle of the red mountain. This is one interesting piece of lore in Skyrim.

There are a lot of different customizable races in Skyrim. There is the wood elf, high elf, dark elf, Breton, Imperial, organon, red guard, kahjit, orc, and Nord. The elves are good at magic. Breton has the power to absorb 50% of magic, which is called magic absorption, Imperials serve the empire and I have nothing good to say about them. Organon are reptile beings. Red guards are from the land of Hammer Fell, they make good warriors. Kahjit are animal beings and they make good thieves. Orcs are excellent barbarians. Nord’s are also great worriers.

There are many great dwarfs ruins all over Skyrim. The most interesting dwarven ruin to me is a cavern called black reach. It is a cavern the dwarves found and built a city down there. There are big mushrooms everywhere in black reach, and some cool dwarven torcher devices are in there too. The dwarves also put a dragon and giant in there somehow. An explanation for this can be found in a dlc that you can buy.  In the dlc it has things that teleport all around Skyrim when you start the quest, then a time traveller comes to fix it. In this quest, it shows that the dwarfs made a tonal manipulator.  A tonal manipulator lets you alter reality.

There are many quests in skyrim, and there are also weapons and enchants that you can get or make. You can make potions with all the ingredients that can be found all over skyrim. In your free time you can go join guilds. Oh, and you can’t finish the game, a quest in the quest dialogue glitches so it doesn’t disappear.

March 2

music talk

In this music talk, I’m talking about my favourite genre of music.

      My favourite genre of music is country. I like this genre because this is what would be on the radio when I was younger. all of my brothers like country music too. I think pop is good too but I like country better. there are country singers that make good songs.

        My favourite country singer is luke combs. one of my favourite songs is Doin’ This. I like this song because it says you can do whatever you want if you want to do It. If you’re asked what you’d be doing instead of this, then you should say you’d be doing this.

       Another good singer is Luke Bryan. a song of his that I like is That’s my kind of night. I like this song because it takes place in the country. it’s about taking a girl to the country instead of uptown. if I had to pick from the two I would choose the country.

November 7

game talk

Today I’m going to talk about a game.


The game I’m talking about is a game that a game maker made. the person I’m talking about is notch. you may know him as the creator of minecraft.  minecraft is the game I’m going to talk about. i like this game because you can do lots of things.

things i like doing in minecraft. i like  making houses in mountains so i can load the house with redstone. i like building with redstone because i can make a lot of things. my favorite build is making an elevator  with pistons,   slime blocks, observer, and some blocks. i like this build because i can make it go down to a mine shaft with lights that slowly turn on.

There is a lot of things you can do in minecraft. i like playing it with my brother. i always to make big projects. I’m good at minecraft redstone. go big if you think you can do a big project.

October 19

book talk ( spoilers)

The  book I’ll be talking about is the lost hero.

There is 5 books in the whole set. I’m only on the 2nd book so far, but i want to read all of them before school ends. The books entwine with the Percy Jackson series. most of the Rick Reardan books intwine with the Percy Jackson series.

I book is about a boy named Jason get put onto a bus by a goddes and erases his memories. The other people on the bus know him because of the mist. The mist is the same mist that hide the things that the demigods do.

They were on a field trip when jasen showed up. They were going to the Grand Canyon. When they got there some storm spirits tride to get Jason when couch hedge jumped in the way and they took couch hedge instead.

If you want more of the book the you should go look it up

September 28

game talk

today I’m going to do a game talk.

The game I’m going to talk about is dragon city. For the people who don’t know what dragon city is a game with over 1000 dragons, but not over 1700. There is 21 different of elements in the game but 6 of them are ancient elements that you can get at a higher level then ten.

You can level up by building habitats for the dragons. the way i like to get xp is by leveling up my war habitat. i leveled it up so much that it took 4 day to upgrade. You could also plant food in farms and you could get a lot of xp depends on the plants you plant, or you could clear the islands that are full of trees and rocks.

There are five default islands but you can get more if you pay real money for them. So i don’t have any more then five islands. When you reach level 16 you can join a guild. When you tern level 16 you should try my brothers guild its the moonlit black cats57777. This guild is privet but i can let people join since I’m co-lead.

I think some of the people will have fun with the daily rewords. and for those that have an account you should try the guild, but you don’t have to if your already in a guild. so i think you will have fun and you should at least give it a try. I’m going to put a link at the bottom that will take you to the download page.

this is the link dragon-city

June 6

book talk

the books that I’m talking about is the Magnus Chase series. this book series is by rick Riordan. I like this author because of his book Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard( this is book 1). this book has a lot of Viking runes but it doesn’t tell you what they are, all they tell you is the name and the magic it does. ( warning: maybe some spoilers)

there is 1 main character Magnus chase. summarbrander which means summer sword. but in the book they call him jack because summarbrander is such a long name. the sword is Magnus chases because Frey gave it up for love. Magnus chase has it because he got it from the bottom of a river.

there are more people in the story, but I will name 1 more and she/he is named Alex. I’m in talking about this one because she/he is the most unique character in all the books because they are gender fluid. they don’t play much of a role in the book, but in the 3rd book there is stuff that happens between Magnus and Alex. sumerbrander

April 29

game talk

the game I’m going to be talking about is Skyrim.

when I play Skyrim I go for a worrier/ mage.  I wear light armor, but mostly I wear heavy armor. I  rarely use shields. I use healing magic.

I go for a worrier because I like to have a strong avatar, but I don’t want to die easily so I use healing magic. I like to collect deadric armor and weapons. to make the weapons there is a forge under the college of winter hold. there is a trap door just outside the door of the college, but you will need ebony armor.

now I’m going to talk about the college of winter hold. when you join the college of winter hold you are asked to come to look at some nordic ruins. when you get there you have to find some artifacts, but there is a necklace you have to take that sets off a trap. to get out of this trap you have to use unrelenting force on the wall where you got the necklace. when you do that you will go threw a tunnel and see a spirit of the psijjic order. when you talk with him you will go into another tunnel and you’ll have to fight a draugr death lord. when you defeat him you will have time to look at the eye of magnus. that is all I will tell you about that quest.

I want to talk about a big miststory about the dwarfs. they disappeared in the 1st era in the year 700. during the battle of red mountain, the dwemer vanished. there is a belief that they are in a different plain oblivion because you can conjure one of their robots and when you conjure stuff you bring it from oblivion how would the robots be in oblivion. they could have been teleported to the future because they were so advanced. dering the war of red mountain they were tampering with a dead god’s heart.


I’m going to do another mystery. why are the snow elves or falmore down in the dwemer runes?  when the nords came to Tamriel they were okay with the snow elves but when the nords were digging to make a city they found a ball that held a lot of power the ball is also known as the Magnus eye. when the snow elves heard about this they stormed the nords and got the Magnus eye but they never moved it. after the nords were soon after the snow elves were attacked and the dwemer let them come in but they had to eat a fungus to make them blind.

March 10

what the truck

i like a song called what the truck. it has no swears in it. it is also a country song. it has three voices in it, a boy and a 2 girls. the only thing close to a swear is ” they can kiss my as i drive away”. it has an upbeat toon to it. i have this song on my playlist. there is a verity of instruments in it. this is the lyrics and the link.  what the truck. the reklaws wrote the song. the boys voice is low. the combination of the voices is nice.

I ain’t ever done time but I might just kill my boss
And I’m sick of my ex calling me up and telling me off
Looks like things are finally looking up
Half full cup, this is what we waiting for
Put the key in the ignition, get back to what you’re missing
No sitting inside no more
I been down in the dumps when I wake up in the morning
Same four walls been getting kinda boring
‘Cause I been losing my Dodge Ram mind all day
They can kiss my as I drive away
What you saying ’bout a little pick me up?
We’re way too young to give us up
What you say we all go somewhere and get stuck
Life’s a ditch, so what the truck?
Same old, diffеrent day, what you say we get outta thе house?
Going missing, going fishing, and all I know is I won’t be around
T-t-tell ’em ’bout it
Well, it’s all blah-blah-blah way up in the city
Na-na-na, get back to that critic
Put the four-by-four into fifth and just head south right now
‘Cause I been down in the dumps when I wake up in the morning
Same four walls been getting kinda boring
‘Cause I been losing my Dodge Ram mind all day
They can kiss my as I drive away
What you saying ’bout a little pick me up?
We’re way too young to give us up
What you say we all go somewhere and get stuck
Life’s a ditch, so what the truck?
You know what it is, what
Let’s get the truck outta here man
What the truck?
i like this song because it has a nice beat it is country and i love country music.
March 4

viking rune alphabet


when I started reading Magnus chase I got interested in the Viking rune alphabet. I had gotten the alphabet and copied it down in my notebook. when I copied it I memorized it, and I can write it on paper.

I don’t write with them a lot because I only write with them in my notebook. I do sometimes write on loose leaf. I write in Viking rune because no one else can read. it is like words with a password on them.

most of my brothers have read Magnus chase. they all went threw the same thing as me, but my oldest brother went threw it the most. once I had found runes that one of my brothers made, but at that time I didn’t know what they were for, but I knew the runes. I still lost them. these are the runes

February 25

thing i want in my house when i’m older

i would want a house with a second floor. i would want a basement, but it might be to dangers with the second floor. on the second floor i want to have two bedrooms and a bath room. one of the rooms on the top floor would be mine. i would have a soft bed and a computer.

on the ground floor i also want two rooms. i want a nice kitchen with a walk in pantry. i want to have a lot of counter space. i also want nice water like the water at my house right now.

in the living room i don’t want to see a ghost because it is the living room. i want a tv with Netflix and a console. i want one of those couches that you can change the shape off it. i would want a window so that nice sunlight flows in. this looks like the house i want.