September 17

my life and other things

hi my name is jamie, and I’m going to tell you a little about my life.

this is my brother that had cancer. I’m the younger one

i like helping cut wood, so me and my brother have to move the logs to the tailgate of the truck. when i go i don’t want to go that much, because it’s cold out side. it usually cold out side so i have have to dress up warm.

i have a brother that had cancer in his leg, so he went to the doctor with my gramma, because he didn’t know he had cancer then. when he went in the doctor just stood at the door, and asked them question’s. my brother went for chemo, but the tumor got to big.

my brother got a prosthetic, and he still has crutches. he doesn’t like driving with his leg on. so he brings his leg and crushes to work with him. ether me our my brother has to bring in the leg.

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