October 7

my cat

my brother has a cat that had kittens

there was 3 kittens, but there’s another cat called Amy that had 2 kittens.one of them didn’t like us, so we don’t see it often . my brother has a cat that is stripped and she is named blade.

i have a kitten, and i named it flare. it has lots of color, and sharp claws. i would know they heart.

my brother Sam has one of them, and its name is Oreo, because its black and white. there another black and white cat. then another striped one that runs away from us. 

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1 thoughts on “my cat

  1. mrewert

    I love cats, and so, was immediately interested in thsi blog. But then, there was almost no writing to enjoy =(. REmember that a good blog should have at least 3 full pargraphs of material to interest the reader, and also, a link to something that the reader who is interested in your subject would like. Put some more into the next one to get your readers interested.


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